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SARABSRI KAUR is a mindfulness practitioner, guide and facilitator who has achieved expertise in mindfulness, compassion and communication skills over the last two decades.
Her experience in academic, spiritual and secular training has been gained from teachers the world over. Using a versatile repertoire of Meditation, Poetry, Life-stories, Travel tales wrapped

in Compassionate Motivation Techniques (CMT), she leads people in awareness, teaching privately and publicly in India and abroad.
Her learning and passion come from having imbibed and experienced the restorative power of mindfulness in her own life, which she now imparts to all who learn from her.

Can Mindful Living Transform You?

Sarabsri shares her journey of learning and practice in the science of mindfulness

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Sarabsri is a UCLA affiliated and authorised MAP teacher, providing on-site, in-depth, teaching in mindfulness and meditation concepts and techniques,

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Mindful Communication is a gateway to be fully present in the communication for self and others. It is a tool for self growth, under -standing of behavioural..

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The world today is changing. As adults we are constantly trying to keep up with it. Our professional and personal lives are intermingled, undefined by boundaries.

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Children today are growing up in a rapidly changing environment, constantly exposed to different kinds of physical, mental and emotional stimuli.

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Hear what everyone say

Sarab is a conscientious and professional executive who provides Insight full and pragmatic services. She is able to apply theory to practical application to all clients and certainly displayed compassion along with goal orientated direction during training and will do the same with clients.

Emma James, President British Power Lifting, International Sports NLP trainer

Thank you Sarabsri forbeing deeply empathetic and mindful. Your personal mindful living experiencesare certainly very useful for guidance and help others to get in the mindfulstate.

I had an opportunity to attend Sarabsr’s Workshops on Mindful CorporateCommunications, and I found how helpful mindfulness is for all those wholive in the restless state of mind. She derives her teaching experience frommany sources. I really appreciate her approach to wholeness, to look at peopleand their experiences as vast and transform it to a new level.

Bipul Kumar Verma, Health Common

Mindful training with Sarabsri helped me exercise more self-compassion and awareness in my relationships. I have a  chronicpain issue and the online sessions were perfect for me to practice. I relate tomy situation with compassion and respond wisely.

Emily, Architect - Paris

Sarabsri has a very calming presence. She really teaches what she practises.The communication sessions are transformative and wonderfully designed to benefit at every level- emotional, personal, mental, social. I am thankful to the teacher for her wisdom, guidance and training.

Shashi Mohan - Senior Software Engineer - B.Tech IIT, Kharagpur

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